tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

Black Powder - Russian Guard Jägers

The first fight of our Black Powder 1812 campaign got me seriously back to 15mm painting. To boost my Russian collection I painted full regiment of Russian Guard Finnish Jaegers, a project I've been nesting in my mind for long. And now it's done. The main event of our 1812 campaign will be the battle of Borodino, and that's the battle which my Russian collection is very much based. So now I have one more unit and this is special because they were Finnish.

The figures are from Campaign Game Miniatures very nice models with good sculpting and nice poses. They were joy to paint. The uniform of the jaegers is quite plain by Napoleonic standard, it's mainly green. It took me a while to choose whether to paint white summer breeches or green for winter use, and I couldn't make it. So I painted two battalions with green and one with white, just for fun. Green is actually better since it gives you more possibilities to paint nice red piping. I also painted one battalion as skirmishers if needed, and there might be one more of that sort.

So, let me introduce new troops for Borodino.

Drummers and officers.
Boys in all green.
Skirmishers covering in front.
Close up of skirmishers.
Officers conversing tactical situation with aide, to be used as command base.These are Essex miniatures.
Guard officer giving orders. From Essex.
Next of this will be Russian dragoons.

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