torstai 26. helmikuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Troops from the past

With this my Crusades heat I've been digging my miniature storage and what discoveries I've made! Just recently found these absolutely lovely old old Citadel miniatures from 1980's. If my memory doesn't fail me I have bought these from local gaming store sale in early 90's, when they were trying to rid of these "old style" Warhammer Bretonnian figures. Well, I did my best to help them. And now I have sizable units of archers and crossbowmen. There is very nice and lively poses on these figures, especially archers. Some of them seem to have been looting. Archers are also nicely irregular bunch.

They have been painted some 25 years ago and the painting is very old style, even for me as old school painter. But hey, I like my figures in Technicolor. And actually this bright coloring is fit for medieval troops. Only thing I did , was give them light wash of earth shade and remade the bases from goblin green to light brown. And now I have units for Deus Vult as well as for SAGA.
Archers in white and blue livery.
Archers look very irregular.
Crossbow troop in colors of Spain.
This will hurt where it lands.
Once again I know they are actually bit too modern to be historically correct for the Crusades, but medieval troops are quite generic and who cares for about hundred years.

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  1. They would also be spot on for Lion Rampant, if you're on the lookout for something really light on the rules.

  2. I'm about to get those rules. Cause I do like light rules, miniature before the rules!