sunnuntai 15. helmikuuta 2015

N&T Jatkosota 15 - Best painted army

During N&T gaming Club's WH40K tournament best painted army was selected among many finely painted armies. Three armies were competing quite evenly for the nomination. There was really beautiful and classical Chaos Demon army and nicely converted Space Wolf army with fine Thunderwolf cavalry.

But in the end of the day the winner was absolutely stunning Edlar army by Aleksi Meuronen. The army had unified look and feel and nice basing. Army contained also Aspect warriors painted classical way, but the most stunning feature of the army was great freehand painting in almost all models. Army was build around three Wraithknights and the army is called three amigos by the big guys.

Wraith knight standing tall on nice basing.
Good view of stunning freehand.
Close up of the face painted on the helmet. Every knight had a face hand painted.
Wave serpents.
Meet the three amigos.
Dire avengers in classical colors.
Fire dragon in reds.
Warp spiders.
Striking scorpions green as they should.
The full army in picture.
Commander af the army.
Freehand of the tank.

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