torstai 19. helmikuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Turcopoles

The focus of painting is drifting a bit from Crusaders to WWII Pacific once and a while. But there will be my first C&C game next week, so I finalized Turcopoles for my Hospitallers.

I painted these quite individually to represent wild and free nature of these horse soldiers. I was trying to find some painting reference for the shields, but it proved to hard task. So I went quite generic oriental designs and crosses, they are Christians after all.

These are Perry miniatures lovely mini's and they paint up well and came out quite nice, though I had to rush a bit. I also got ready some Roman civilians fron Foundry. They shall do as European villagers settled in Palestine.
Turcopoles at full speed.
And forming up.
Some detail.
More detail.
Yet another one.
And the villagers.
I'll be spending next weekend in Hamburg Tactica. Let's see what that bring in...

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