torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Push Through the Line

Bolt Action campaign Operation Galvanic continued on the soft and warms sand of the Tarawa atoll. This time is was time to fight third game of the campaign. Hard fighting Marines had a task to push through the bunker line which was covering the airfield in the middle of the island. Heavily depleted Japanese defenders were well dug in behind rocky walls and sand backed positions and worst of all in tough bunkers. The scenario was Iwo Jima bunker assault from Warlords excellent website. we have had this scenario played once before, and I have to say I't a killer. Attacker has unpleasant job to rush over open ground to attack bunkers packing some serious automatic firing weapons. And still I really like this special scenario, it's challenging and plays well. Attacker just must go forward and there's no time to do any tactical movement sideways or to stay put and fire the defenders, no you just have to attack all the way through all three lines of defenses in order to win.

So the fight started and this time leathernecks had learned the lesson and just pushed on. First position were attacked right away by M3 Scott and flamethrower team which sneaked close by. First line was taken seemingly easy as well as the second. Japanese had some problems to put their guns to bear so the actual fire Marines were facing was moderate at first. The things started to go wrong. Two squads of Marines failed to understand their command as stopped on the spot. One even stayed put for three turns. This meant that supporting Sherman wondered on its own forward and was forced to slow down. Marine attacking line broke so Japanese were able to concentrate fire on few point squads. Only comfort was the fighter-bomber that hit Japanese main positions twice.

The Japanese started counter attack with cold steel and this killed few advancing Marine squads. Finally there was even a threat of Japanese retaking one bunker. Then the fight was over, Marines had two bunker lines and Japanese were able to hold the last one. Finally game ended a draw.
Japanese main defense line with tough bunker and sand backed positions.
Aerial view of the same place.
Japanese start getting nervous facing the big guns business end.
Marine squads in full attack until this all stopped.
First bunker gets very hot.
Japanese vicious counter attack - banzai! 
Second bunker line breached.
Fighter Bomber hits.
Sherman cover the advance.
Japanese defenders busy firing all they have.
Sherman takes the point to attack the final line.
Last line reached but it stayed in Japanese hands.
This was the spot the Marines were able to push their attack, but they weren't able to clear the bunker in the end, not even with the help of the Sherman in front of it.

Really good, balanced and eventful game and nice peaces of terrain with some finely crafted bunkers.
Tough fight and result was actually clear only on last turn.

What else could you expect for a good game. Next one will be Japanese counter banzai attacks on night of the fourth day of the battle of Tarawa.

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