lauantai 7. helmikuuta 2015

The Crescent & The Cross - First Muslims and even more crusaders

After almost weeks absence from painting table I was more than happy to have a sit and finalize my first muslim miniatures. The are Gripping Beasts arabic archers set. This is my first unit of forthcoming muslim army for our Holy Land Crusades campaign about to start soon. I'm preparing to have armies on both sides to be flexible in the campaign.

On painting side with these first arabic archers I started experimenting more colorful clothing as well as textures on them. Well I have to say some are right there, but some ended up wearing quite clownish apparel looking bit like nightgowns. But anyhow next will be much better. I also finished some more Norman crusaders and those lovely old Citadel minis I've been recruiting from Old World to become soldiers of The Cross.

Arabic firing line.
Arabic archers preparing to fire.
Back view showing some shield painting.
Norman miles and his troops.
Od group of late Crusaders from old Citadel stock.
As I told, I'll be soon painting an army of Islam, but before that there will be some Turcopole allies for my Hospitallers.

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