sunnuntai 8. helmikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Shermans on the shore

Last week we continued our Operation Galvanic  Tarawa campaign on the club. It was time for the second fight which was straight continuation of the first. First wave of Marines had hit on the beach and now it was now time for the second wave to breach the Japanese defenses. we got two nice landing crafts in the game for the tanks. The game was envelopment scenario from the Bolt Action rulebook. 

The game was once again quite one sided affair. Japanese stayed in their positions and poured fire on Marines which were trying to cross the open killing field between sea bank and forest line.  Tanks were actually the only asset to be able to break the line to reach the objective and for them,  Japanese had quite many suicide bombers. Those guys tried five times to rush to tanks and always they were gunned down by Marine machine gunners and then sixth managed to reach the target with spectacular explosion. One very nasty incident was, when Japanese FO zeroed in salvo from costal gun and killed full squad of Marines on the spot. Finally mauled Marines were repulsed but Sherman went on and broke the line. The fight was only marginal victory for the Japanese. Here's some AAR shots from the fight.
The beach just before fight broke. 
Japanese defenders wait silently.
Shermans hit the shore with the second wave.
Tank acquiring target.
Marine squad rushing ahead just before they were blown to oblivion by the artillery.
Second squad following.
All beach is filled with Marines.
Tanks and infantry supporting each other.
Japanese stick to their positions and fire like no tomorrow.
This time I got lucky with my machine gunner.
Japanese positons on the high ground.
Officer with iconic Katana.
First soft cover reached.
Finally one suicide bomber reached the target.

Next and third game will be Bunker Assault where Marines are attacking through three defensive lines with some bunkers.

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  1. Another great game. We really had to pay with blood for every inch of the shore.