maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2015

Bolt Action - USMC Sherman

More vehicles for the Marines to support the landing operation in our Bolt Action games. This is just basic Warlords plastic Sherman model. The 50 cal. on top of the turret was so inviting, so I just added a leatherneck on the deck of the tank firing with the gun. Remembering the Band of Brothers episode, where one soldier is standing tall and bravely firing with while 3rd armored tanks were counter attacking German tanks. Another thing I added on the model was set of various marine equipment from US Marines soldiers set. They bring little life and realism to the tank. Actually the tanks were cluttered with all sorts of stowage when you look at the contemporary pictures.

This time I choose one possible camouflage scheme from the many used in the Pacific theatre. This will do also in ETO if need be.

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