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Black Powder - 1812 Campaign Klyastitzy

Napoleonic campaign on Napoleons invasion to Russia 1812 had finally started. After over a years pondering and planning it really started. Starting fight was the battle of Klyastitzy which was fight between Oudinot's northern army wing and Witgensteins stopping force.

The battle was fought to stop French to invade St. Petersburg and it was successful and thwarted Oudinot's or Napoleons plans. There was few more fights of the same second corps under Oudinot, but more of them later.

Our fight was fairly sizable affair involving some 70 battalions all together some 35 per side and this doesn't include artillery or cavalry. There was seven eager generals around the table to command the troops to have fight over Jakobovo and other important objectives. Fight took seven hours a full days work and great day it was!

The battle has been already reported by two fellow club members, so I'll stick to their fine reports, which you may find here Napoleon Complex Gamer and here Engineered Gaming.

Some shots from the great day to remind us.
The battlefield seen from Russian side.
French (Legrands) divison on Jakobovo hill.
Advance guard fo the Russians.
Strong Russian grenadier brigade.
Starting fight for Jakobovo ridge.
Verdier's division moves to engage.
French cuirassiers in their full glory.
Bergs division joins the fight.
Russian jägers advance on point.
Musketry about to happen.
More grenadiers.
Fight goes on around Jakobovo.
Troops concentrating from both sides.
Russian grenadiers attack.
French Chasseurs hit Russian skirmishers.
Berg right finally gets into fight.
The carriage of the French commander in chief.
It was great to be back in Black Powder gaming and especially Napoleonic s. This just started campaign put such a heat to my 15mm painting that it probably will push some Crusader painting further, but such is life.

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