tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2015

Cresent & Cross - Leaders and followers

After being bit distracted by Bolt Action I went back to Outremer painting. I'm big fan of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven", so I wanted to make some leading and influential persons during the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. First would be definitely Raynald de Chatillion, maybe the number one troublemaker from Kerak. In the movie he was depicted as Templar which he was not, but I wanted follow the Hollywood fiction and styled mine as Templar in white robes.

Other personalities in my list were Guy de Lusignan and Raymond of Tripoli. For those commanders I went more or less according the history. So Guy has livery of Lusignan house. His shield is amalgamation of Lusignan colors and Jerusalem cross, he was the king after all. Raymond is all red with cross emblem.

I also got some pilgrims ready and dig up some previously painted arabian civilians to have some local flavor on the gaming table. So here's latest additions of my crusades collection.

Templar leader and Raynald in ginger hair and beard.
Raymond of Tripoli and Guy de Lusignan.
Both sirs showing their livery.
More Hospitallers for the pilgrims.
Old figures flying new colors.
Group of pilgrims en route to Jerusalem.
Led by the nun and the priest.
Local trusty sales men.
Ladies doing their shopping.
Boy do this crusades theme really drag me deeper and deeper to have more and more figures. Lets see were end...

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