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Crescent & Cross - Raynalds betrayal

Our continuation of Crescent & Cross "Holy Land" campaign saw very special fight this evening. Two prominent leading characters of our campaign had a fight when rebellious Raynald de Chatiliion ambushed the baron of Ibellin on a river crossing. This was due all muslims were withdrawn their presence from the area. Maybe gathering strength for the fights to come.

In this fight very similar armies met and Ibelin's crusaders were bested Milites Christi led - or should we say - misled by baron Raynald. Ibelin activated quickly at the start and started moving cross the river. But after some praying Milites Christi hit very hard on very core of Ibelin army and took out main force on crusading knights. Ibelin put up hard fight after crossing the river and killed lot of Raynalds troops, but used up most of his strength fighting with crossbow unit in a house by the river.

After hard fight Raynald sent some knights to take care on lonely Ibelin, who was taken prisoner and ransomed heavily. Raynald lived up his reputation and relations with house Ibelin and Raymond of Tripoli got worse.
Some shots of the fight.
Battlefield from the Milites side.
Battlefield from Ibelins side.
Ibelins trusty knights in a field.
Milites Christi riding with Guy himself.
Baron on foot wielding his favorite great sword.
Raynald leading from front.
Attack across the bridge.
Ibelins knights removed from the field.
Ibelin moves his troops over the river.
Mercenaries in the service of Raynald.
Raynald after the fight looking imprisonment of baron Ibelin.
Not very important fight in terms of the dominance of the holy land christians won. This was how ever very dramatic act and nice story to put some background for the ever worsening relations of the christians in the Outremer. And maybe the best of all I was able to field newly painted models of Raynald and Guy.

Maybe we will see some muslims next time.

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