sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2015

Bolt Action - Gaming day in the Noppakerho -club

Last saturday we had open gaming day at the club. We set up four differently themed Bolt Action games and invited interested people to have game of Bolt Action on a ready table. On the table there was pre-set terrain, fine figures and special scenario for the game. We had some thirteen people gaming and it all worked very well.

The four scenarios were nice and the were really different to each other. One was about the final battle from the movie Saving private Ryan, the battle of Ramelle. Other had British para attacking german headquarters in belgium. There was also Winter war table, where Soviets were attacking defensive lines of Finns. And one was about fight in the Guadalcanal in the Pacific.

This concept will be continued, maybe next autumn. Here's some pictures from the day.
The tables were set in the morning before the show.
Winter War table.
German HQ in the Belgium which was the objective.
Village of Ramelle just before the fight.
Alligator creek in Guadalcanal.
Flak on the roof of really nice house model.
Soviet troops advance through icy forest.
Soviet infantry.
Soviet tanks push through the woods.
Finnish troops fight back-
Finnish ski troops.
Maybe it takes some skill to roll this.
End of the tanks.
US troops fight in the narrow streets of Ramelle.
Gaming at full speed in all tables.
German HQ under attack.
Japanese troops are about to cross the creek.
US Marines selling their lives dearly.
Nice day, new faces and good feeling through out the day. Bolt Action is really one of the best games there is.

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