torstai 19. maaliskuuta 2015

BlackPowder - Polish reinforcement for 1812 campaign

From Outremer to 1812 Russia. Yes, we are about to start long talked and waited Black Powder campaign of French attack on Russia 1812. This will be pretty similar to our Danube campaign, we just ended last autumn. So the campaign will last quite long we will have a game a month, but this pace is actually nice, since it gives good timespan to paint more and yet more troops. We will have opening fight next weekend, the battle of Jakobovo, or Klyastitzy as it was also called.

Inspired by the starting campaign I finished two battalions of Polish line infantry. Next I'll be working with Russian Guard Jägers. It will be special, since the regiment was from Finland.

Two battalions fo Polish line.
Commander of the regiment.
Light infantry in skirmish formation.
Battalion command and some veterans.

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