keskiviikko 4. maaliskuuta 2015

Crescent & Cross - Campaign start and first games

Had our long waited campaign start this evening at the club. Four games of SAGA Crescent & Cross game and some six gamers. This was also first turn of our campaign Holy Land. I'm proud to inform everyone, Crusader took four victories to save sacred city.

This was also my first game of SAGA C&C and quite peasant one I have to admit. I have had some reservation of the game. I've always thought it bit too gimmicky, which it still is. It has certain board game flavor with all these battle board tricks, so in strict sense it is not true wargame. I know I'll struggle to learn all those things you can do with your battle board combinations not to mention ones your opponent can do, but maybe I'll live that. On the other had, game is fast and battle starts right away, at least with right kind of adversary. So it is very much in my taste. Rules are liberal enough to avoid all that stupid maneuver and inch arguments one faces in some games, not to mention any. And what's the most important part, is those beautiful armies and very very interesting and inspiring period of history, The Crusades!

Here's some photos of our first turn my army and my fellow gamers armies in action.
Deployment of the war.
Amir of the fanatics.
Captured by the cross.
The nemesis of the horse soldier.
Another deployment.
Hiding from the bolts.
Saracen cavalry at full speed.
The wave of true faith.
Wall of true faith.
Crusading heroes line up.
Camels about to take Turcopoles.
Taking cover.
Another Amir.
Trusted men of the Amir.
Daughter of the Saladin captured by Teutonic order.
Stand fast men!
This is my cross...
Nice gaming experience of SAGA C&C, there will be more...

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