tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

Bolt Action - USMC update, last but not final

Back to Bolt Action painting and in to the Pacific, my favorite and best of all, US Marines. This Warlord Marines range is absolutely inspiring and fine set of miniatures. They are fine sculpts and characterful figures all through, and joy to paint. So no wonder there seems to be more of them coming,  than one can use in one game. But it's nice to have some variation.

This time I got finalized 37mm AT gun and Jeep tow as well as M5 light tank with some infantry reinforcements. So basically now I have full platoon with some serious support elements to field in the games.

New M5 tank ready to take Japanese tin cans.
Team of veteran Leatherneck in camo.
These guys are well equipped for the field.
With bayonet.
Another team to reinforce the platoon.
Every Marine is rifleman.
37mm AT gun, light but very useful in the Pacific.
And ubiquitous Jeep to tow the gun around, and maybe give some officers a ride.
 As I said there's now even more than I would need on a game, and yet I may be ordering some more...

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